D1 Disposable Vape

Meet Vaping Gadget NZ's D1 Disposable Vape series – a fusion of convenience and flavor.

Engineered for simplicity, each device arrives pre-filled with premium e-liquid, delivering a smooth, enjoyable hit in a compact, travel-friendly design. Wherever life takes you, savor unparalleled convenience and flavor with our D1 Disposable Vape series.

With a 2ml capacity and a 500mAh battery, the D1 delivers up to 600 puffs, boasting a 1.3Ω resistance for consistent hits. Featuring 50mg nicotine strength, it's an ideal choice for those transitioning from smoking.

At Vaping Gadget NZ, we're committed to the utmost vaping experience, using only top-tier ingredients. The D1 Disposable Vape series offers an exclusive lineup of flavors:

Ice Berry Peach: Enjoy the fusion of aromatic peaches and exotic berries, perfectly chilled for a subtly refreshing and sweet experience with each puff.

Ice Blue Raspberry: Bursting with succulent blueberries and raspberries, infused with a refreshing icy twist, it's a flavor fit for any time of the day.

Grape: Immerse yourself in the world of grapes, combining sugary fresh grapes with the essence of red wine, providing ultimate satisfaction with every puff.

Mint: Revel in the refreshing essence of mint, delivering a cool sensation in every pull, an ideal all-day vape for menthol enthusiasts.

Watermelon Lime Ice: Experience a blend of sweet, sour, and an icy kick—a must-try for the adventurous! Enjoy juicy watermelon sweetness, a touch of lime, all wrapped in a cool ice embrace.

Candy Berry Apple: Delight in a fusion of berries, candies, and juicy apples—a sweetness-packed blend that's both gratifying and refreshing.

Watermelon Ice: Embrace summer vibes with the irresistible refreshment of chilled watermelon. A delightful, satisfying treat till the very last drop.

Our nicotine salts offer a smoother, richer experience compared to traditional e-liquids, catering to both novices and experienced vapers alike.

Don't hesitate; indulge in the ultimate vaping delight with Vaping Gadget NZ's D1 Disposable Vape series. Explore now and discover your new favorite flavor!

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