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Freebase E-Liquid

Indulge in a universe of flavor with Vaping Gadget Freebase Vape Juice. With an impressive array of over 20 unique vape juice series, each offering its own distinctive flavor profile, we cater to every vaper's desire. We believe in the beauty of diversity and the power of choice, and our extensive collection reflects just that.

Take a flavor journey with our Frozen Salty World E-liquids series. This range offers a sublime fusion of fruity flavors with an exhilarating icy finish, perfect for those who love a chilling thrill in their vaping experience. Or perhaps you're longing for the taste of summer? Our Summer Lumma Frosty Slush series is your ticket to sun-soaked relaxation, featuring flavors like chilled watermelon and raspberries, all with a refreshing hint of mint. And there are many more series awaits you to explore.

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Vaping Gadget

Vaping Gadget is a trusted name in vaping right here in New Zealand; So much so, that our premium disposable vapes, and e-liquids can be found in over 120 stores nationwide. Find out where your local authorized stockist is located and pick up one of our products and try it for yourself.

Nicotine Salt 

Immerse yourself in the diverse world of Vaping Gadget Nicotine Salt Vape Juice, a collection that boasts over 20 unique series. Each series is meticulously crafted, offering a wealth of flavours that cater to every preference and taste. This expansive range is a testament to our commitment to variety, ensuring every vaper can find their perfect match.

Our Nicotine Salt Vape Juice series are more than just e-liquids; they are an experience. Each flavour is distinct, transporting you on a sensory journey with every puff. From the sweet allure of strawberries to the crisp freshness of green grapes, each series offers a unique profile that is as satisfying as it is varied. Whether you prefer classic flavours or adventurous new blends, our Nicotine Salt Vape Juice provides a vaping experience like no other.

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Sub-Ohm Salt 

Introducing Sub-ohm Salt from Vaping Gadget, the pioneering fusion of potent nicotine salts with the exceptional capabilities of sub-ohm vaping. Tailored for experienced vapers, this cutting-edge e-liquid delivers a smooth yet intense nicotine experience without compromising on flavor or vapor production.

Crafted specifically for sub-ohm devices, Sub-ohm Nicotine Salt ensures a thicker, slower-wicking liquid, extending coil life and offering a flavorsome, prolonged vaping session. This innovative blend strikes the perfect balance between a satisfying nicotine hit and remarkable cloud production, setting a new standard in the world of vaping pleasure.

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