Replacement Pods

Check out Vaping Gadget NZ's latest replacement pods

Crafted to enhance your vaping sessions with precision and ease. These pods come with an ample 8ml capacity, granting you prolonged vape sessions before a refill is needed. With the inclusion of modern technology, the Type-C charger ensures swift recharging, guaranteeing your device is always on standby for use.

Designed to last, these pods offer remarkable puff counts, delivering up to 4500 or 5000 puffs (puff count may vary). The side fill system, paired with a silicone stopper, simplifies the refilling process, minimizing any potential mess. The magnetic pod connection ensures a secure and seamless attachment to your device, ensuring stability while in use.

These replacement pods integrate an efficient 0.8ohm DC MTL (Direct-to-Lung) coil and a 0.8ohm Mesh coil (coil types may vary), catering to a versatile vaping experience. Whether you prefer a tighter draw or heightened vapor production, these coils accommodate various preferences, striking a balance between flavor and cloud production.

Vaping Gadget NZ's replacement pods embody durability, convenience, and innovation, ensuring an elevated vaping journey. Explore the ideal combination of functionality and adaptability with these replacement pods, specially designed to enhance your vaping escapades.

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