Salty Stick Bar Disposable Vape

Welcome to the forefront of vaping innovation featuring Vaping Gadget NZ's Salty Stick Bar series—a game-changing line of disposable vapes crafted to transform your vaping escapades.

Each Salty Stick Bar boasts an ample 8ml e-liquid reservoir combined with a robust 550mAh rechargeable battery, delivering an astounding capacity of up to 3000 flavorful puffs.

Dive into a symphony of captivating flavors meticulously designed to tantalize your taste buds. Delight in the fusion of Strawberry Grape, relish the tang of Sour Apple, immerse in the medley of Blueberry Raspberry Grape, enjoy the refreshing chill of Ice Berry Lemonade, and savor the rejuvenating essence of Watermelon Ice.

Strawberry Grape: Experience the delectable blend of grape and strawberry juice with mixed berries and a hint of ice for that delightful berry kick.

Sour Apple: Indulge in the zestful taste of handpicked green apples, a true candy-like flavor for your taste buds to revel in.

Blueberry Raspberry Grape: Missing out on this unique flavor combination? It's a delightful mix of fresh blueberries, raspberry, and sweet grapes that will leave you craving more.

Ice Berry Lemonade: A smooth concoction of exotic berries, lemon, and soda served over ice—a delightful cocktail for your senses.

Watermelon Ice: Refreshingly cold watermelon to beat the summer heat, leaving you satisfied to the very last drop.

Crafted for convenience and performance, Vaping Gadget NZ's Salty Stick Bar series sets a new standard for disposable vapes. Elevate your vaping journey with a perfect fusion of capacity, endurance, and an array of enticing flavors, ensuring a delightful vaping experience from beginning to end.

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